Austrian Industrial Group

A lifting tool for real heavyweights.

Our client is a globally leading Austrian industrial group in the medical and industrial sectors.

Requirement of the customer

A suitable lifting tool is to be developed for various hose packages produced. Due to the low ceiling height, no standard lifting equipment can be used. The hose package must be lifted from the underside of the changing table and then placed on a delivery pallet. The aim is to place as many hose packages as possible on top of each other. A suitable pallet for the changing table must also be supplied.

Our solution

The company mexbert gmbh acted as general contractor to supply the suitable crane incl. interface between hoist and crane and was responsible for the complete design, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and acceptance in accordance with AMVO. The lifting tool was designed as a 3-arm gripper. The gripper arms are moved together and apart using servo technology. The crane and the lifting tool are operated via a common control cassette. An internal centering device, which can be mechanically adjusted to the various internal diameters, ensures centric hosepack placement. It is also possible to change the gripper fingers for the different hose package heights.

Technical details.


Gripping arms
Welded steel construction primed and painted
Internal centering
Adjustable by means of locking pin
Inner diameter min
min. 900mm - max. 1500mm
Centering height
Load cycles / year
< 20.000
Crane load capacity
1.000 kg
Lifting height
3 m
Stepless driving speed
Drive technology
Driving speed
5 - 20 m/min
Lifting speed
​1 - 4 m/min
Operating voltage
400V, 50Hz, 48V
Control cassette
Additional 2 buttons (gripper closed/ gripper open)
Changing cup
2200x2200x160 mm
CE labeling
Issue of inspection book
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