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Rubber seal changer


mexbert gmbh - Dichtgummiwechsler für die Brauerei- und Getränketechnik. Wechselt automatisiert die Dichtungen von Bügelverschlussflaschen.

Machine introduction:

The “DGW-12.000 rubber seal changer” machine is used to automatically change the sealing discs on swing-top bottles.


Nominal output
12.000 bottles / hour

Technical details:

Operation mode
Base frame
welded construction made of stainless steel (1.4301)
Bottle format
can be converted to different bottle formats
Touch panel, inching button
industrial enclosure integrated in the base frame
Control unit
Siemens S7-1500
100% assembly check, Cognex camera system

Functional sequence:

  • take over and orientate the bottles
  • store, align and separate the seals
  • open the bottles
  • remove the old seals
  • mount the new seals
  • Assembly check
  • rejection of the bottles

Integration in the production line:

The “DGW-12.000 rubber sealing changer” is integrated directly into your existing or a new line. To do this, the machine’s bottle infeed and outfeed are connected to the bottle conveyors of your line.

Optional add-ons:

Like all of our machines, the ” DGW-12.000 rubber seal changer ” can be customised and extended to meet your individual requirements.

  • Ejection of faulty bottles (ejection table)
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