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ultrasonic welding

mexbert gmbh - Roboterzelle für das maschinelle Verschweißen von Vlies mit Kunststoffspritzgussteilen durch Ultraschall.

Machine introduction:

The “robot cell for ultrasonic welding” is used to spot-weld non-woven fabric to injection-moulded plastic parts. (installed in ventilation shafts of cars)

Technical details:

Base frame
welded construction made of structural steel (painted)
Stäubli controller
industrial enclosure integrated in the base frame

Functional sequence:

  • manual insertion of the injection moulded parts into the format unit
  • manual positioning of the fleece and clamping down
  • The ultrasonic welding process starts automatically when the safety circuit is closed.
  • manual removal after the welding process

Ultrasonic welding principle:

Ultrasonic welding is a process for connecting thermoplastic syntethiks.

The ultrasonic frequency is generated by a high-frequency generator. This converts the mains voltage and the operating frequency. The high-frequency current is transmitted to an ultrasonic transducer (the so called piezzo converter). The piezzo converter converts the electrical vibrations into high-frequency mechanical vibrations.
The vibrations are transferred to the workpiece (fleece/injection moulded part) under pressure, whereby the plastic is plasticised by molecular and interfacial friction.

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