automotive industrie

Pin insertion machine

mexbert gmbh - Maschine für das automatisierte Einpressen von Passstiften in Spritzguss Aluminiumteilen für die Automobilindustrie.

Machine introduction:

The “pin insertion machine” is used to insert dowel pins into injection moulded aluminium parts. The four parts to be processed are manually placed in workpiece carriers (WTs) in the loading station and transported to the processing stations via a WT circulation system.

Technical details:

Base frame
welded construction made of structural steel (painted)
vibratory sorting bowl
in noise protection housing
Touch Panel
industrial enclosure integrated in the base frame
Control unit
Siemens S7-1500

Functional sequence:

  • manual loading of the workpiece carriers (WTs) with workpieces by the operator
  • automatic inspection of the workpieces placed in the WTs
  • positioning of the WTs
  • feeding, aligning and separating the dowel pins in conveyor pots
  • pressing the pins into the workpieces
  • automatic removal of workpieces from the workpiece carriers
  • discharging the workpieces into boxes
  • returning the WTs to the placement station
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