special machinery

Feeding system

sealing heads

mexbert gmbh - Maschine für das automatisierte Zuführen von Verschlussköpfen (Bügelverschlussflasche) in eine Biegemaschine.

Machine introduction:

This machine is used to feed plastic or porcelain heads into a top-bar bending machine.


Nominal output
90 pieces / minute
Control range
10 - 100 pieces / minute

Technical details:

Base frame
welded construction made of structural steel (painted)
Touch Panel
industrial enclosure integrated in the base frame
Control unit
Lenze p500
Orientation detection
Keyence camera system

Functional sequence:

  • collecting the sealing heads in a bunker conveyor as bulk material
  • Aligning the heads using a vibratory feeder bowl
  • separation of the heads in the rotary indexing table
  • aligning the heads in relation to their holes for the wire insertion
  • conveying and positioning in the wire insertion position
  • wire insertion and bending process
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