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sealing heads

mexbert gmbh - Prüfmaschine für die automatisierte Kontrolle von Kunststoffköpfen. (Verschlüsse für Bügelverschlussflaschen)

Machine introduction:

The “Control machine for sealing heads” is used for the optical inspection of plastic heads (bottle caps) using cameras and sensors.


Nominal output
60 pieces / minute

Technical details:

Base frame
welded construction made of stainless steel (1.4301)
Touch Panel
industrial enclosure integrated in the base frame
Control unit
Siemens S7-1200
Partial inspection
Keyence camera system and colour sensor

Functional sequence:

  • transferring the heads from the injection moulding machine directly into the vibratory feed bowl
  • aligning and separating the heads
  • camera control from above
  • 1. ejection of faulty parts
  • camera control from the side
  • 2. ejection of faulty parts
  • transferring the good parts into bags

Automated inspection of production parts

Due to the increasing demands made by companies on their parts suppliers, as well as rising production numbers, the complete inspection of parts by personnel is becoming increasingly uneconomical or even impossible. In these cases, it makes sense to automate the inspection of the parts.

In co-operation with various suppliers of inspection systems, we develop a inspection machine tailored to your requirements.

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